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Custom Handpainted Shoes

About Ordering
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About Ordering

Every order is special, the designs I have already put in my shop mean a pair of shoes that have been made before and if you like, we can also produce for you .... If you want a new and special design from me, you can send me the details you like according to your wishes and desires. I can implement a design that is suitable for it and design it for you.All orders are final. No return or exchange is possible on any order.Hand-painted shoes are final sale due to customization, please be sure to verify correct sizing prior to placing order.


Supply Process & Returns

I order the shoes from my local supplier or online according to the situation ... It is very important that you correctly determine the number of your shoes and place your order accordingly.It can be very difficult to find some models and numbers of shoes, so it's worth confirming this in advance. I have to say that all sales are final and I do not accept returns and exchanges on any order. When you request a new product design, we have a chance to revise the design until you like it.If I purchase the shoes, I add the cost to the total. Therefore, the total price varies depending on the price of the shoes you want the work on. I trust in the quality of my artwork.

Care And Protection

After your shoes are delivered to you, the care and protection process for them is completely yours. The shoes are hand painted by me with 100% permanent high quality paint including waterproof layer. Washable with by hand or with soft brush under 40 C heat .It is recommended not to use it in a way that will be subject to heavy impacts and damages.This is a work of art, give it the value it deserves.
Materials: Leather , Canvas , Acrylic Paint , Water Proof Varnish. Returns are not accepted for damage or wear that occurs after your shoes have been delivered. Orders placed cannot be canceled.

Shipping Process

I make shipment to every country in the world.I reflect the shipping fee that comes out in relation to the weight and size of the shipment in the price.T he shipping package, made up by a local shipping company in Turkey, when arrives to the destination country , local cargo company will responsible to deliver it in a secure manner. If the package is returned because the address provided by the customer is incorrect or not signed for the package, the customer will be responsible for the item resend fees. In general, the shipping time of the products has been determined as 2-4 weeks. I have the right to use this period to the end depending on the density of the order.


About Funshine Studio

Your shoes reflect your personality and taste !!! Hello, I am Onur. I live in Turkey, I am married and I have a child. This is my small side job and a hobby that I enjoy! When I started this small business I had no idea where to go, I just wanted to draw and paint. But when I got involved, I realized that I had a lot of fun and I wanted it to take me as far as it could take me... Now I make money from it and I get satisfaction when I create new things. The more I see what I've done and what I can do, the more I enjoy it. It's really nice to work hard, be creative, have fun and finally make money from my small business! It is a different pleasure for me to advance and develop this business, which started slowly with the support of my wife, every day. Every customer satisfaction is a separate source of pride for me.



Please read and follow the instructions below.
1. Choose the style of shoes, colour and size (Some models and numbers are hard to find, so choosing classic ones will also be better for delivery time and shipping)
2. Give me a detailed description of what you want done (Feel free to send me the data, images, ideas, inspiration pictures, descriptions etc that helps me to understand what you have in mind)
3. We will discuss and finalize the perfect product after understood what you want done
4. I will paint the shoes and ship them out (within 2-6 weeks depends on  difficulty, detail, design, time and any extras)

Thanks for submitting!

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